Native Dukkah and Macadamia Oil Pack



Dukkah set containing Footeside Farm Dukkah, Australian Macadamia Oil and two serving dishes. Beautifully packed in a gift box to make a lovely gift for yourself or someone special.

Australian Native Dukkah 50g

-Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Australian grown

-Salt Bush, dried and crushed

- Bush Tomato, dried and crushed

- Wattle Seed, roasted and ground

- Lemon Myrtle, dried and ground

- Pepper Leaf, dried and ground


Macadamia Oil 100mls

100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed from Austsralian nuts

Is one of the finest and healthiest culinary oils.

China Serving Dishes (2)

Tips and Ideas

Serve with your favourite fresh bread.

Relax and enjoy dukkah with a glass of fine wine. 

The Macadamia Oil brings out the natural Australian Flavours used in the dukkah.

There are no preservatives or flavour enhancers-just the genuine and unique native flavours.

The flavour will last on your palate to extend your enjoyment.