Our Story

The origins of FOOTESIDE FARM began in the Woolshed. We were looking for a name to uniquely identify our property. A we have land alongside both Foote Road and the dry Foote Creek. This brand was first featured on our wool bales.plantation at footeside farm

The difficult rural and financial times in the 1990's prompted us to research ways to increase our on farm resources and business. Taking into consideration the long term effects to our environment and the possible need for supplement watering to maintain the plant yield through dry years we pursued semi-arid native food plants. 


Our plan was to contract grow these foods saving us the demands of marketing.  For a few years all went well until the company we were dealing with declared bankruptcy. Our challenge was what to do with the produce we had on hand.

The plants still grew and flourished. 

Hesitant attempts at marketing came with varied success as often people were unsure how to use native foods. After a time, an opportunity to participate in a government funded 'Building Emerging Entrepreneurs' course enabled us to build a business plan and a marketing strategy.

LEMON MYRTLE was added to our FOOTESIDE FARM product range for a wider flavour choice. We still have small trees growing in pots but no longer offer this as a product line.

Another dry land native food plant we grow is SALTBUSH for human consumption. After nutritional testing it has been added to our product range.  Master Chef use has helped sales grow.  Planting more plants keeps us up the with growing demand. Salt bush grows easily and responds well to trimming,

WATTLE SEED, The Kitchen Handbook is a book written to answer the question, "What can I do with wattle seed?"  Included are 35 ideas as a starting point for flavour exploration with wattle seed.  All the recipes have been approved by family and friends.

At FOOTESIDE FARM we acknowledge the traditional source and use of these native foods. The history of their use is valuable to our heritage.  We support research to investigate the benefits of these plants. 

We believe everyone can enjoy these unique Australian flavours.

FOOTESIDE FARM offers ready to use ingredients with innovative recipes that can be made in your own kitchen, for dinner with friends, a special event, to impress, to experiment. Try the unique flavours of Australia.

Wholesale enquires are welcome as are bulk orders.

Tours and educational talks are no longer available.  This decision came due to the Covid restrictions.

Our focus going forward will be wholesale and increasing our salt bush production.  And encouraging others to grow these wonderful plants