Wattle Seed Cookie Mix



Cookie mix with roasted and ground wattle seed.

This mix makes a crisp biscuit, perfect to have with a cuppa and robust enough to go in school lunch boxes.

Simply mix together 1 egg, 100gm melted butter or margarine and the contents of the packet. Roll into balls and place on to a lined oven tray and bake. 

Ingredients:  Self Raising Flour (wheat), Sugar, Footeside Farm Wattle Seed roasted and ground

Contains wheat gluten. 

Tips and Ideas

When made as directed, this cookie is a great introduction to wattle seed as a flavour. 

  • add your favourite chopped nuts - macadamias or almonds work great
  • add chocolate chips or diced dried apricots to the mix before baking
  • cookies store well in an air tight container 




Wattle Seed