Salt Bush Seeds



Harvested from salt bush plants grown at Footeside Farm, the seeds, resembling rolled oats in size and texture, add a unique salty flavour and chewy texture to dishes when used. 

Salt bush seeds can be eaten as is due to their soft, chewy texture or ground to a flour to add to recipes.

Salt bush seeds contain 14% protein, higher than the average wheat at 11% protein. 

Tips and Ideas

  • Add to trail mixes adding saltiness and protein
  • Sprinkle on soup as croutons
  • Add to bread-gives you texture and fibre as well as the unique flavour and added protein
  • The seeds can be ground or milled to a flour to add to lighter recipes such as scones and pizza bases
  • Store in the air tight pouch as they will pick up moisture
  • Roasting will increase the nutty flavour of the seeds


Salt Bush