Salt Bush Damper Mix



Damper is an age-old bread traditionally cooked in hot campfire ash or camp ovens. The salty herb flavour from the dried Footeside Farm salt bush leaves and salt bush seed give the traditional damper a lovely savoury flavour twist.

A great way to taste saltbush.

This convenient pantry pack only requires 80gm butter and one cup of milk for you to be on the way to fresh cooked damper. You can also substitute the dairy for beer to add to your truly Australian experience.

Enjoy this savoury damper with a lathering of butter or topped with cheese and pickles. 

Ingredients: Self Raising Flour (wheat), Salt Bush leaves dried, Salt Bush Seed flour.

Contains wheat gluten. 

Footeside Farm Salt Bush is 100% herbicide and insecticide free. 



Tips and Ideas

  • make small scone sized damper for individual serves
  • perfect served with cheese and pickles
  • swap the milk for beer when mixing 


Salt Bush