Quandong Jam



The tart berry flavour of the Quandong is captured and preserved in a jam ready for you to experience.

Dehydrated fruit grown at Footeside Farm, water and sugar are used to make this truly unique jam. 

Quandongs often bring a sense on nostalgia for many who have spent time in arid parts of Australia. 

Tips and Ideas

Quandong Jam is delicious used in the traditional ways

  • as a spread on toast / muffins
  • with scones especially wattle seed scones
  • layered with cream between sponge cake or swiss roll

Some other ways to use Quandong Jam are

  • As a topping to a plain cheesecake
  • By stirring into whipped cream (leave the sugar out of the cream when whipping) this will make a great topping for pavlova or as a dollop of extra flavour to accompany other dessert treats or even fresh fruit or muffins.
  • For a dipping sauce add some soy and sweet chilli sauce. You can add more chilli flakes for extra heat.  This also makes a great sauce to bake chicken or pork in.