Products - Quandong

Quandong flavour is tart and tangy with a taste similar to a combination of rhubarb and apricots. Fruit texture remains with cooking to add interest to dishes.  Rehydrated this fruit can be enjoyed in many ways

Quandong has a high Vitamin C content - higher than oranges.

Lively when used as a dessert and stunning when used as a dipping sauce.

Tips and Ideas

  • rehydrate at a ratio of 1 cup of fruit to 3 cups of water
  • works well with citrus
  • adding apple with give bulk to recipe without diminishing flavour
  • sweetness brings balance to the tartness
  • can be stored for long periods without losing flavour or goodness.
  • quandongs will improve in flavour if poached and then rested, covered, in the fridge overnight
  • Can be brewed as a tea