Products - Quandong Stone Key Ring

Traditionally used by the indigenous people for the kernel which has a high oil content and medicinal properties.

Growing up with quandong stone meant there was always items for the following games

  • Chinese Checkers when painted 
  • Solitaire 
  • Marbles
  • Knuckles - this was usually played with sheep knuckles but quandong stones were a good substitute
  • Threading beads


If you have other stories of how you have used them let us know and we can add to the list.

Tips and Ideas

Functional and decorative a Quandong Stone Key Ring would make a great gift

  • to yourself, they are light and easy to find as well as pretty
  • as a talking point with those interested in Quandongs
  • a wonderful souvenir gift from South Australia
  • Pretty and shiny for a gift for anyone.
  • Thank you gift that is decorative informative and functional


If you have a special colour tone you would like please contact us at and we will be able to help you.