Products - Australian Native Dukkah

A blend of natural Australian Flavours including

  • Macadamia Nuts - roasted and chopped
  • Salt Bush- fresh from the bush, dehydrated and crushed
  • Bush Tomato - dried to capture the unique flavour and ground
  • Wattle Seed - roasted and freshly ground
  • Lemon Myrtle- dehydrated and ground
  • Pepper Leaf - dehydrated and ground

The blend of flavours last on the palate.

We recommend using Macadamia Oil as this will compliment the native flavours bringing a fuller taste experience.

Tips and Ideas

Serve with your favourite fresh bread dipped in oil—we recommend using Macadamia Oil as it compliments and carries the other native flavours so well.

~Sprinkle some on your meat after cooking as it is resting before serving – delicious

~Sprinkle on your Eggs -  scrambled, poached, omelet, quiche

~Sprinkle some on your pasta for a new taste sensation

~Top freshly baked bread, scones

~Mix with plain yoghurt for a sauce for kebabs

~Sprinkle some on your soup for an added flavour boost

~Try mixing with your potato salad and use some macadamia oil too

~Try topping your salad or steamed vegtableses with a sprinkle.